Press Release

Dome Overseas Ltd are pleased to announce their acquisition of the UK and Europe wide rights to the assets, designs, patents, trademarks and marketing rights of DomEuropa Ltd.

DomEuropa, under the guidance of Stan Milic, have been the preferred provider of timber Eurodome salt barns across Europe for the past 25 years with over 150 installed in the UK. Their range perfectly complements that of Dome Overseas Ltd who can now offer a full range of barns in timber or fabric from 100 tonnes to 20,000 tonne capacity.

The previous distribution agreement with Dome UK has been terminated and they no longer represent the Eurodome product line.

Contact Lucas on 07500 664422 or
or Alan on 07913 559795 or to discuss your salt barn needs from inspection and repairs through to turnkey winter maintenance depot design and build.

Lucas Hooijenga & Alan Sheen - Directors Dome Overseas Ltd

10th April 2017

20 years experience of salt barn design and

Independent structural design to Eurocodes

500 to 60,000 tonne capacity

Relocatable, future re-use value

Easy to operate and maintain

Cost Effective-as highlighted in Appendix H

Ideal for Leased Sites

Fully accredited installation crew (140 barns

Full turnkey package through design, planning
and installation

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